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Dirty Ductwork

Clean Ductwork

Air duct cleaning is a clean and routine process, utilizing a high powered vacuum system which is attached to your furnace with a large flexible hose.  The hose is attached by making a clean-cut opening in the plenum of the furnace.  Next, all of the vents in the building are either covered or closed.  Once this is done, the vacuuming process begins.  The main vacuum runs the entire time while one by one, each vent is cleaned utilizing a special compressed air gun or whip.  The dirt and debris in the vent is then drawn towards the vacuum.  When the cleaning is complete, the opening in the furnace plenum is sealed and may be used again for future cleanings.  The entire process generally takes a few hours for normal sized homes.  More time may be needed for larger homes or commercial properties.

During the air duct cleaning process, other cleaning is performed as well, including the furnace, blower and motor, the combustion components and the cooling coil in the furnace.  This is done to ensure that the air going back into the newly cleaned ductwork does not contain dirt and debris.

Overall, air duct cleaning makes your home's air safer and it also helps to reduce heating and cooling costs by allowing the entire system to operate more efficiently.


For those who would like to sanitize their ductwork, a chemical called EnviroCONtm is utilized.  EnviroCONtm is an EPA registered sanitizer that is a deodorizer, germistat, bacteriostat, and fungistat.  The largest benefit of EnviroCONtm is its low toxicity and safety rating from the EPA.  As a result, it is completely safe to use in occupied spaces and homes.  EnviroCONtm uses no environmentally-damaging propellants or flammable ingredients.  For bacteria, mildew, mold, fungi and algae, there is no easier, safer or more effective product available.

Residential Air Duct Cleaning

Your duct work functions as the respiratory (lung) system of your home.  Once it becomes dirty and congested, it must be cleaned so it can breathe/perform normally and efficiently once again.

Dirty ductowork aggravates allergies and asthma.  Poor indoor air quality has now been acknowledged as a major allergy and disease-causing problem by leading medical authorities.  This fact has prompted doctors and allergists to commonly prescribe furnace and air duct cleaning as a remedy for these problems.

What types of things get into my ductwork?

This is a commonly asked question by many.  The answer is:  synthetic material from furniture; carpeting and drapes; drywall dust; lead paint dust; fiberglass fragments; dirt; bacteria; viruses; cigarette smoke residue; skin scale; rodent feces and hair; pollen; animal dander; and dust mites.  This is just a small portion of the list, it goes on and on.

A residential air duct cleaning procedure can be completed in just a few hours.  It is a very clean process and does not leave you with a mess.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

For business or building owners, have you ever heard of "sick building syndrome"?  Would you like to reduce employee absenteeism?  Would you like to decrease your HVAC operating costs by 10% - 25%?  If so, please read on...

According to the American Medical Association, the risk of respiratory infections (colds) is 45% higher among occupants of energy efficient buildings.  Common air ducts transport contaminants from room to room, office to office, therefore, viruses are easily transported via the duct system from one area of the building to another.  The World Health Organization estimates that 30% of all buildings experience problems with indoor air quality.

In 1987 an ASHRAE study found that average operating costs can be reduced by 10% to 25% by maintaining the cleanliness of the building's HVAC system.  Dirty ductwork can lessen the life span of an expensive HVAC operating system.

In a common space, such as an office building, everything from what a person wears to their hands and mouths transports bacteria into the air, and into the ductwork.

Protect your building and protect your employees/patrons.  Provide clean, quality indoor air and promote a safe and healthy environment.

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