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Electrostatic Furnace Filters

There are many benefits associated with using an electrostatic filter in your heating and cooling system.  Those benefits include:

  • Cleaner air throughout your home and HVAC system
  • Removal of up to 94% of airborne pollutants, dust and pollen
  • Less dust in your home
  • No harmful ozone emissions
  • Anti-Microbial
  • Standard and special sizes available

An electrostatic filter cleans the air by using static electricity, which is a completely safe and naturally occurring phenomenon.  An electrostatic charge is created when air flows through the maze of static prone fibers within the filter.  Airborne particles, dust, pollen, etc., are then attracted and held within the filter by the static charge.  They are only released from the filter when it is washed.

Use of an electrostatic filter is easy.  All you do is remove your current disposable filter from your furnace and replace it with a permanent electrostatic filter.  No more remembering to buy those disposable fiberglass filters at the store.  You will never need to purchase another furnace filter again.  No special electrical hookup is required.  No system modifications are needed.  The filber begins working immediately and will offer years of satisfaction and convenience.

Cleaning of the electrostatic filter is easy.  Simply remove the filter from the furnace, flush with water and rinse.  Drain excess water and reinstall in your furnace.  It's that easy!

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