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Construction Clean-Up
Many people who move into a new home or a recently remodeled home do not realize the amount of dust and debris that can be found in the ductwork once the construction has been completed.
You would truly be amazed at the items that have been found in the ductwork of newly constructed homes.  Everything from sheet rock, dirt, soda cans, nails, wood, paint rollers, etc. has been taken out of the ductwork of homes that were just built, or homes that have just undergone a remodeling project.
Items such as those mentioned above hinder the operation of the heating and cooling system because they restrict proper air flow throughout the house.  Sheet rock dust alone can continue to flow back into the air of your home for as long as it remains in the ductwork.  Continually breathing in sheet rock dust and other contaminants is certainly not good for your overall health, nor is it good for your heating and cooling system.
Always remember, just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there!
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